Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Rock Music PR

Here is the link of White City interview on the BBC World! I used to do PR and Marketing for these guys:

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Very proud!!!

Вот ребята на BBC World интервью дают))) А я им когда-то ПР делала) Оч приятно!!!
Жмем на линк!


Hello troops!

As you know I am in Bavaria at the moment and on the weekend we decided to pop in to the AUDI Forum - the huge building where is the AUDI Factory itself, plus museum. It was AWESOMEEE!
They have a LEATHER (!) car from the past, also I found out that they did produce bikes and motorbikes there and ( I call them Audi's "Vespas") little Vespas:)

Check out some pics here.

It is very busy here, finally we started to have a proper real summer, spent 3 hours yesterday with girl at the swimming pool enjoying the sun. Also- lots of bike's riding, yoga and socializing is going on here. Alyona asked me to stay longer here but I cannot, have to go see my parents and then will fly to London in August.

Ok, need to run now, enjoooyyy!!!

Были в Музее AUDI на выходных - я же в Баварии как никак ))) Это целый ГОРОД/ЗАВОД/Музей!!! Там даже машина из уожи есть! ( интересно, как они за ней ухаживали в дождь и снег?!)
Тут фотки будут!
учусь, работаю, хочу в Лондон, лечу туда в Августе) Аленка попросила меня остаться тут на подольше, нам так клево вместе- дурачимся, тусим, а ведь взрослые тетки)
Все, побежала дальше работать!

Bis bald!


                                                                       Leather Car
                                                                         Union One

                                                                 R8 GT for me please)

                                            I have chosen one for myself) A1

               This is the only one car in the world was made specially for the boss of Audi in the 1953


Tuesday, July 17, 2012



Ich bin in Bayern jetzt!
I am in Bavaria now:) For a month almost. I am here to learn the German language - what I actually do, having every day Grammar lessons and speak at least 2-3 hrs per day with my friends here. Work is going on as always too - this is not a holiday time for me at all... Although, after the work days, in the evening we are in the process of many activities. The only thing that upsets me - no proper summer. Wo ist das Sommer??????!!!!!

Anyway- here are some pics from here. Oh, and be thankful for the people you meet in your life. I have great, amazing, interesting, extraordinary friends and I am blessed to enjoy the time with them :)))
Have a great day, peeps!

Я в Баварии) На этот раз аж почти на месяц. Учу немецкий ( он мне даже уже и нравится)) ну и как всегда Маркетинг не дремлет - работы оч много и это радует)Вчера правда загрузилась - крышу сорвало и начался внутренний анализ деятельности - все ли так, а как бы было, а почему это не так, а может надо так и так.... ну и понесло... но - это даже полезно иногда вот так вот подумать.
Все- бэк то ворк!

всем отличного дня - тут фотки, как мы ездили в Регенсбург - оооотличный город!

Алена и Алина= кукурузы


                                        Interesting place called Walhalla - next to Regensburg

                                        After hard work we are riding the bakes around the lakes

 Australians Denise and Mark are great friends of Alyona))

                                                                  Zwei Bier bitte!


Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I love my new "photocamera" earings:)

Germany is awesome for interesting shopping items:)


Peeps!  I just arrived to Germany yesterday for almost a month! All updates will be a bit later:)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Picture in the magazine

Oh, forgot to tell you that my picture was in the magazine last week. In Riga. One of the magazines is doing the capture of public events and parties and are taking the shots of "stylish" people:))) So, here I am:) While I was working my ass off in Moscow - taaddddaaaahhhh - I am in the magazine:)

Забыла сказать, что попала в журнал один в Риге))) Снимали модниц со светских мероприятий и я одна из них оказалась))) Вот так неожиданность) Но приятно! Главное родителям приятно, мама говорит, что коллеги ей комплименты говорят - это самое главное)))

Bryan Adams

Oh Gosh!!!!
I was listening Bryan Adams for many years now and I had a chance to attend his concert in Riga before I am flying to Munich - FANTASTIIICCOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thus us exactly waht I needed after exhausting week of traveling to Moscow for business. Oh, my boss is coming to Riga for meetings tomorrow. Back to work now, but here are some pictures: