Monday, November 26, 2012

Are you???!!!! Cannot wait to start skiing here, as I am all the time in front of the computer in my little office.  These 2 months wont be easy as we have plenty of guests in St Moritz, plus, I hope we will have more reservations in January. SO I am drinking lots of tea and eating Italian chocolate- keeps me awake and motivated.
What else?! Oh has been trying to switch my brain off regarding some soul issues- did not really help, was pissed of lately again, but I hope it will go away...
Brothers are coming- yeah! Cannot wait! And suppose to go to Milano in a weeks time, excited)

be cool

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Alena in St. Moritz

My friend Alena did visit me in St. Moritz. I spent whole month this summer at her place in Germany where I was learning the language) We had busy days around the Engadine - vino, chitchats, girly stuff, some events and meetings with my Italian friends etc. Love this lady, come over again!!!

Алена в Ст Морице))) Мы здорово отдохнули целых 4 дня и отлично посмеялись) Берегите друзей!


                                                CORVATSCH is ON!!!!!!

                                                              Morteratsch Glacier

                                         Vittorio and Tomass on the way to open the season


                                                           With our Italian friends


Wednesday, November 14, 2012


received tea from London - Zhanna- danke danke))) Earl Grey is finally here. No, Swiss people do drink earl grey, but it is very weak, so thanks God I have my own proper real English tea supplier )))

Чай прибыл! Жанна- спасибо тебе громадное! Ну у Швейцарцев он просто слабый тут, а я прусь от хорошей большой чашки эрл грэя ))) У меня же свой супплайер )))

Saturday, November 10, 2012

FLAPJACKS from London

HOORRRAAAAYYYYYYY!!!! I just got a parcel full of flapjacks from my dearest friend Margarita from London. Seriously- living in Switzerland would be silly to complain about the choice of sweets, but we do not have flapjacks here and I just looovvveeeeeeee them :):):):)Expecting the parcel with PROPER Earl Grey from Twinings from Zhanna- she is working in this company. no, they have Earl Grey in Switzerland, but this one is very weak... no that strong aroma and my favourite flavour...
Hot chocolate and a flapjack for me now please, thank you! :)

Monday, November 5, 2012


I just had 1 day in Italy yesterday!))) you know, when you did not plan the event, and it happened and you were SO HAPPY!!! SO I was VERY HAPPY yesterday! I want more of these days))) Bergamo- great Italian City just 2 hrs drive from St Moritz- fantastic architecture, stylish Italians, amazing food and wine and great people) My boss is one of them )

Вчера были в Италии - одине денек всего, но Бкргамо - прекрасный город! Хоть и погода была не ахти, там всегда отличная атмосфера - шикарная еда, люди, архитектура и вино)

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Ha! Ja toljko napisala o zhelanijah, i odno iz nih uzhe na poroge)))

napisala, 4to hochu v Paris- i mne nashi partnjori prislali priglashenie na Tiffany's event!!! yay!!! Mozhet i poedu s bossom tuda, potusovatsa v Tiffany v stile 60 godov ))))

mechtaaatj vsto-taki nado !!!


Сегодня села написала список вещей, которые я хочу! Не которые мне нужны или стоило бы приобрести, а имеено те, которые Я ХОЧУ! Себе самой! ну знаете всякие там женские штуки, трэш короче всякий. Нормально, целая страница получилась... теперь посмотрим как чего у меня появиться... ну обычно как сформулируешь то, что хочешь, моментами это и приходит...